Hammer of god V3
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Hammer of god V3

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We didn't see it coming either! The HOG is back and better than ever in the version 3.1!

The brutal quad 18650 para-series is no less strong than it was those few years ago, how time flies. HOGs look forward to bringing the serious heat with a completely mechanical output up to 8.4V, especially with the new silver plated copper internals reducing your voltage drop even further.

Constructed fully of anodized aluminium for a durable yet light handfeel, it's still a hefty beast with batteries inside. Your batteries are loaded in with the classic underside battery tray, clicked in with a solid latch.

Oh, and look forward to basically any atomiser you place on this beast looking at home, with up to 40mm of room on the landing pad!

If you weren't one of the lucky few to pickup an original Hammer of God v3 those years ago, now might just be your time. Be as quick as the lightning for these, as Vaperz Cloud might not have a fresh batch for some time!

Now, onto the warnings. The HOG is one of the most powerful vaping devices out, and must be used safely. At all times be sure that:

  • Your batteries are free of any damage and tearing in the wrap
  • Your batteries are suitable for use with the mod, and inserted the correct way inside the mod as per the internal markings
  • You are NOT using a non-rebuildable device on top (this includes subohm tanks with pre-built coils and the like)
  • The build you have placed in your atomiser is suitable (we recommend builds absolutely no lower then 0.4ohm)
  • Your atomisers positive 510 pin can be adjusted to make proper contact without the negative of the pin touching the firing pin in the mod
  • You are fully aware of Ohm's Law and its effect on your device and build

If you are in any way shape or form not confident about your use of this device, DO NOT PURCHASE ONE. Wet Wicks is not liable for misuse or injury befalling from this device and will not supply warranty for the former.


  • Body Material: anodized aluminum
  • Para-series circuit
  • Maximum Output: 8.4V
  • Bottom loading battery tray
  • Silver plated copper internals
  • Classic compact design

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